The NTX Group, a member of SA Bias Industries Pty Ltd.

The NTX Group consists of four companies in the narrow fabric industry. Narrowtex and Webbing Products produce rigid straps and webbings such as safety harnesses, seat belts and cargo securing systems. NBI manufactures braided products such as safety ropes and shoelaces. ACM is a manufacturer of a range of elastics and components for the lingerie, foundation garment and apparel manufacturing industry. The NTX Group manufactures in South Africa and exports its products to many international markets such as the USA, Europe, and Australia.

The Group of Four Companies


A leader in the manufacture of high quality industrial narrow fabrics. Established in 1969. With premium quality products…


An international manufacturer of superior quality webbing for light to heavy industrial applications and supplies…



A Leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality braided, twisted and knit-braided products. NBI’s stringent views on product…



A South African supplier of a comprehensive range of elastic and rigid narrow fabrics and other components suitable for…



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